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TIG Welding Machine

  • T500P


  • T500P realizes high-efficiency welding with an output current of 500A;

    The stability of T500P is improved in the field of small current, and one power supply can be used for welding in a wide range from very thin plates to thick plates;

    T500P [Welding Setting Navigation] function is equipped with automatic setting of welding conditions;

    T500P [Welding Management] function is equipped with welding abnormality to detect early.

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OTC argon arc welding machine T500P welding machine parameters

Comprehensive nameWelbee Inverter T500P
welding power sourcemodelWB-T500P
Input voltageIN380
Rated input capacitykVA19.3 kVA 17.2 kW /18.2 kVA 15.9 kW
Rated usageIN60%
Rated output currentIN500A/400A
Rated load voltageIN30V/36V
Output current rangeA2 ~ 500A/10 ~ 400A
Maximum no-load voltageIN70/77
Rated usage%60
Operating temperature range°C-10~40℃
Dimensions(W×D×H)395mm×710mm×640mm (excluding eye bolts)
cable lengthm4
Gas flow regulatorformW-25FL-Ar
Rated gas flowL/min25

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