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OTC Welding Machine

OTC welding machine CPVE250 parts and specifications

In this article, you can check the specifications and models of each component of the reverse OTC welding machine CPVE250 and its corresponding OTC order number, please see the table below.

1. parts symbol: NF, name: air switch, model: 100-2549, specification: DZ47-60 (400V/20A)

2. parts symbol: LF, name: filter, model: P30179H01, specification: P30179H01

3. parts symbol: PL1, name: indicator light, model: 4600-366, specification: N46010A7KW-01

4. parts Symbol: DR1, Name: Coin Flow Bridge, Model: 100-1393, Specification: MDS75-16

5. parts symbol: DR2~3, name: fast diode module, model: 100-2547, specification: MMF200ZB040DK1

6. parts symbol: TR1,2, name: IGBT module, model: 100-1952, specification: MMG75SR120B

7. parts symbol: CT1, name: CT (current transformer), model: 100-0851, specification: QW-W00050

8. parts symbol: CT2, name: Hall element, model: P30110L04, specification: P30110L04

9. parts symbol: LI, name: DC reactor, model: P30179C00, specification: P30179C00

10. parts symbol: L2, name: filter coil, model: 4739-543, specification: E04RA310190100

11. parts symbol: L3, name: filter coil, model: 4739-497, specification: E04RA400270150

12. parts symbol: L4, name: filter coil, model: 4739-497, specification: E04RA400270150

13. parts symbol: T1, name: inverter transformer, model: QW-W00157, specification: QW-W00157

14. parts symbol: T2, name: control transformer, model: QW-W00123, specification: QW-W00123

15. parts symbol: T3, name: control transformer, model: QW-W00128, specification: QW-W00128

16. parts symbol: T4, name: control transformer, model: QW-W00158, specification: QW-W00158

17. parts symbol: THP1, name: temperature control switch, model: 100-2550, specification: KSD301-PM6-90/3-NC(250#CQC)

18. parts symbol: FM, name: fan, model: 100-2548, specification: 5E-220BW

19. Parts name: Fan N, Model: 100-2551, Specification: 33-0010-16-G

20. parts symbol: R1~4, name: varistor, model: 100-1528, specification: TND14V-911KB0LLAA0

21. parts symbol: R5~8, name: carbon film resistor, model: 4508-309, specification: CFS1/4CT52A102J

22. parts symbol: R9,10, name: non-inductive cement resistor, model: 100-0858, specification: RX27N-4V-20W5.1RJ

23. parts symbol: Rll, name: cement resistor, model: 100-0672, specification: RX27-4V-40W-1R-J

24. parts symbol: Cla,b, name: film capacitor, model: 100-1953, specification: MFD-DA01DC1200V-20UF

25. parts symbol: C3,4, name: film capacitor, model: 100-1396, specification: CBB81-2000V-223J

26. parts symbol: FI, name: fuse, model: 100-0936, specification: RFT-306X30F8A250V

27. parts symbol: SH, name: shunt, model: 100-0938, specification: 60mV400A

28. parts symbol: RY, name: relay, model: 4341-206, specification: G6A-274PDC24V

29. parts symbol: TM1, name: input terminal, model: K3904B00, specification: K3904B00

30. parts name: input terminal protective cover, model: K3904C00, specification: K3904C00

31. parts symbol: ECD501, Name: Encoder, Model: 100-2518, Specification: RE1201XE1-H01

32. parts symbol: ECD502, name:, model:, specification:

33. parts Symbol: Symbol, Name: Name, Model: Part Number, Specification: Specification

34. parts symbol: TM2, name: output terminal, model: 100-0868, specification: CX0060

35. parts symbol: TM3, name: output terminal, model: 100-0867, specification: CX0058

36. parts symbol: TM4, name: terminal block (12P), model: 100-2057, specification: TB-1512

37. parts symbol: CONI, name: socket, model: 4730-006, specification: DPC25-4BP

38. parts symbol: C0N2, name: socket, model: 4730-010, specification: DPC25-6BP

39. parts symbol: C0N3, name: socket, model: 100-0681, specification: RU-02(B99)

40. parts symbol: PCB1, name: printed circuit board, model: P30110P, specification: P30110P00

41. parts symbol: PCB2, name: printed circuit board, model: P30110Q, specification: P30110Q00

42. parts symbol: PCB3, name: printed circuit board, model: P30066S, specification: P30066S00

43. parts symbol: PCB4, name: printed circuit board, model: P30179R, specification: P30179R00

44. parts symbol: PCB5, name: printed circuit board, model: P30110X, specification: P30110X00

45. parts symbol: ①, name: rubber plug with membrane, model: W-W03637, specification: W-W03637

46. parts symbol: ②, name: rubber plug with membrane, model: 100-0945, specification: QW-W00016

47. parts symbol: ③, name: adjustment knob, model: 100-2133, specification: KN-21-6Y (blue)

48. parts symbol: ④, name: operation panel film, model: P30179W02, specification: P30179W02

49. parts symbol: ⑤, name: heat sink mounting bracket, model: P30179G04, specification: P30179G04

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