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OTC Welding Machine

Detailed explanation of cutting torch CTW(M)(L)-1201/CTZW(M)(L)-1201/CTPW(M)(L)-1201

This article mainly introduces the OTC cutting machine D12000 cutting gun, their models are CTW(M)(L)-1201, CTZW(M)(L)-1201 and CTPW(M)(L)-1201, we first use the following table to understand these three types of cutting Specifications of the gun.

Torch Typeshort handlelong handlestraight handle
cable length10m20m30m10m20m30m10m20m30m
net weight5kg9. 5kg14kg5kg9. 5kg14kg5kg9. 5kg14kg
Rated current120A
load duration100%
No-load voltage263V
arcing voltage1.8kV (13kV 0.02s)
Arc stabilization voltage200V
cutting gasAir
Cutting gas flow50L/min(0.39MPa)
cooling methodliquid cooling
Coolant flow (minimum)0.5L/min
Application standardGB/T15579.7-2005

With the above table, we know the length, weight and other detailed parameters corresponding to each type of torch, but we still don't know the parts and components of each type of torch, what should we do? Don't worry, we can look at the following three pictures, each picture corresponds to a detailed decomposition of a type of cutting gun.

Torch CTW(M)(L)-1201

Torch CTZW(M)(L)-1201

Torch CTPW(M)(L)-1201

After reading the three pictures, I believe that everyone has a detailed understanding of each type of cutting gun. Now we can find the corresponding model of each part of each cutting gun through the table below.

serial numberpart numbernameAssembled quantitynumber of attachmentsRemark
short handlelong handlestraight handle
1H839G02Nozzle cap11
4H852B00H839B00H840B00torch body1
Including 4-1~4-8
4-1H813H00--Check pin assembly(1)
Including 4-4~4-8
4-2-H758R00H760F00Inspection pin assembly (1)(1)
Contains 4-5
4-3-H758S00H760G00Inspection pin assembly (2)(1)
Contains 4-5
4-4H758B03protection cap(1)

4-5H758R03Detection pin (metal plug)(2)

4-64739-200--Strap (black)(2)

4-7-H758B01-gun body shell(1)

4-8-4739-172-MX35 round head bolts(2)

5H781B01rubber sheath1



For 10m
For 20m


For 30m
7-1-4739-176-M4 Hex Nut(4)

7-2-4739-174-MX35 round head bolts(3)

7-3-4739-175-MX35 round head bolts(1)

7-44739-173-MX35 round head bolts(4)

8K2530A00K2432A00K2433A00Torch switch assembly1-1


For 10m, including 10, 11
9H841F00Tube cable assembly1
For 20m, including 10, 11


For 30m, including 10, 11
104730-001Plug (2P)(1)

114730-052Plug (4P)(1)

-H775G00-Torch Guide-1

For the nozzle of the torch, there are also the following types to choose from.

serial numberpart numbernameRemark
1H839K01Nozzle (80A)Nozzle for cutting below 12t (please use below 80A current)
2H839K02Nozzle (50A)4. Nozzle for cutting below 5t (please use below 50A current)
3H839K03Nozzle (30A)2. Nozzle for cutting below 3t (please use below 30A current)

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