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OTC Welding Machine

List of OTC torch parts corresponding to various diameters of welding wire (1)

When we use OTC welding guns , we will encounter the use of various welding wires. I have summarized them. You can choose the correct welding gun parts according to our table below.

Wire materialCarbon steel solid corecarbon steel core
Welding wire diameter (mm)
Welding torch front partblue welding gunwire guideK8055L01K8055L02
insulating sleeveU4167L00
shunt hoodU4167G02
Contact Tip HolderU4167G03, when using flexible gun body: K4945C01
Contact tipK980C23K980C24K980C25K980C26K980C27K980C28K980C73K980C74K980C75
Short Nozzle Welding Gunwire guideK8061B00K8061C00
nozzleK8061J00 (inner diameter 13mm) K8061K00 (inner diameter 16mm)
Contact tipK8055T01K8055T02K8055T03K8055T04K8055T05K8055T06K8055T07K8055T08K8055T13
Wire Feeding Partswire feed rollerK8060B00K8060C00K8060D00K8060E00K8060F00K8060D00K8060E00K8060F00
Pressurized wheelK8060G00
Outlet wire guideK8060R01K8060R02K8060R03
Inlet wire guideK8060S01K8060S02
Wire feed tube 6 metersK8059B00K8059F00
Wire feed tube 8 metersK8059C00K8059G00
Wire feed tube 10 metersK8059D00K8059H00
Wire feed tube 12 metersK8059E00K8059J00

CM-7403 Series Wire Feeder Parts

wire feed rollerK5439B09K5439B12K5439B01K5439B12K5439B01
Pressurized wheelK5439C00
Outlet wire guideK5977F00K5977J01K5977J03
Central wire guideK5951J50

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