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OTC Welding Machine

Introduction of OTC original water-cooled manual welding torch

In this article, we mainly introduce the OTC original water-cooled welding torch . First, let's look at the basic parameters of this water-cooled welding torch

WTW4000-SBD/MBD/LBD(Carbon Steel)
WTW5000-SBD/MBD/LBD(Carbon Steel)
Rated current400A(CO2)/350A(MAG/MIG)500A(CO2)/450A(MAG/MIG)
load duration100%
Voltage rating≤113V
Applicable gasCO/MAG/MIG
Gas flow10~20L/min
gas pressure0.15MPa~0.35MPa
Torch Switch Ratings24VDC
Applicable wire diameter (mm)
Carbon Steel: (0.8), (0.9), (1.0), 1.2
Aluminum: (1.0), 1.2
Carbon Steel: 1.2.(1.4), (1.6)
Aluminum: 1.2, (1.6)
cable length3.0m/4.5m/6.0m
cooling methodliquid cooling
Applicable SpecificationsGB/T15579.7-2013 (IEC60974-7:2005)

 From the above table, we can see that the commonly used water-cooled torches for welding carbon steel are WTW4000-SBD/MBD/LBD and WTW5000-SBD/MBD/LBD
  aluminum welding water-cooled torches commonly used WTAW4000-SBD/MBD/LBD and WTAW5000-SBD/ MBD/LBD The welding torch length corresponding to SBD/MBD and LBD here is 3 meters respectively. 4.5m and 6m.

Let's take a look at the exploded view of this water-cooled welding torch:

OTC water-cooled aluminum welding torch

According to the picture above. Let's check the table below to find out the order number of each part of these welding guns.

serial numberProduct namePart numbercarbon steelaluminum
ACone nozzle diameter 16mmSA5216
BContact tip 1.2mmM8X10X30 copperEB3212
Contact tip 1.2mmM8X10X30 copperEB3212AL
CSteel wire spring 1.0~1.2mm×3 metersDSR 3212-3
Graphite hose 1.0~1.2mm×3 metersDR3412-3
1Diverter PhenolicSD5002
2Contact tip holder M8×25SC5001
3Curved neck 45°SF5245
4hook upEG0001
6front gun caseEHO 131
7front spring bootES0102
8Cable assembly 3 metersSL5030
9rear spring bootYKS 0002
10Rear gun case hole 28.5HDH 0202-28.5
11Screw M4X6Q210406
12gun shell lock nutDP3001
13OTC plug water cooling styleDSU O 001
140-ring 3.15×1.8Q531518
15O-ring 4×1.8Q504018
17water pipe quick connectorSW5131
18faucet plug redBW0239R
Faucet plug blueBW0239B

  The above table is only the standard components of the whole gun. We can choose the following parts according to the length of our gun, whether it is welding mud or carbon steel:

serial numberProduct namePart number
ACone nozzle diameter 14mmSA5214
The diameter of the taper nozzle is 15mmSA5315
Straight nozzle diameter 20mmSA5120
BContact tip 0.8mm M8X10X30 copperEB3208
Contact tip 0.9mm M8X10X30 red copperEB3209
Contact tip 1.0mm M8X10X30 red copperEB3210
Contact tip 1.6mm M8X10X30 copperEB3216
Contact tip 0.8mm M8X10X30 chrome zirconium copperEB3208L
Contact tip 0.9mm M8X10X30 chrome zirconium copperEB3209L
Contact tip 1.0mm M8X10X30 chrome zirconium copperEB3210L
Contact tip 1.2mm M8X10X30 chrome zirconium copperEB3212L
Contact tip 1.6mm M8X10X30 chrome zirconium copperEB3216L
Contact tip 1.0mm M8X10X30 red copperEB3210AL
Contact tip 1.6mm M8X10X30 copperEB3216AL
CSteel wire spring 1.0~1.2mmX 4.5mDSR 3212-4.5
Steel wire spring 1.0~1.2mm×6mDSR 3212-6
Steel wire spring 1.2~1.6mm×3 metersDSR 5216-3
Steel wire spring 1.2~1.6mm×4.5mDSR 5216-4.5
Steel wire spring 1.2~1.6mm×6mDSR 5216-6
Graphite hose 1.0~1.2mmX 4.5mDR3412-4.5
Graphite hose 1.0~1.2mmX 6 metersDR3412-6
Graphite hose 1.2~1.6mm×3 metersDR5416-3
Graphite hose 1.2~1.6mmX 4.5mDR5416-4.5
Graphite hose 1.2~1.6mmX 6 metersDR5416-6
1shunt ceramicSD5001
2Contact tip holder M8×29SC5002

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