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OTC Welding Machine

OTC welding machine DW300 parts and specifications

Let's first take a look at the configuration diagram of the OTC aluminum welding machine DW300 parts.


1. parts symbol: NF1, model: 4614-109, name: air switch, specification: IELK111-34459-1-V.

2. parts symbol: LF1, model: 4519-036, name: filter, specification: FS5681-50-99.

3. parts symbol: PL1, model: 4600-360, name: indicator light, specification: N46010A7KW-01.

4. parts symbol: DR1, model: 4531-716, name: three-phase rectifier bridge, specification: DFA100BA160.

5. parts symbol: DR2~5,8, model: 4531-308, name: fast diode module, specification: DBA200UA60.

6. parts symbol: DR9, model: 4531-505, name: diode, specification: S2L60.

7. parts symbol: DR10~12, model: 4531-308, name: fast diode module, specification: DBA200UA60.

8. parts symbol: DR14, model: 4531-120, name: rectifier bridge, specification: D5SB60.

9. parts symbols: TR1~4, model: 100-0003, name: IGBT module, specification: CM150-DU-24NFH.

10. parts symbol: TR5~8, model: 4534-531, name: IGBT module, specification: CM400DY-12NF.

11. parts symbol: TR9, model: 4534-402, name: IGBT, specification: 1MBH50D-060.

12. parts symbol: TRIO, model: 4534-531, name: IGBT module, specification: CM400DY-12NF.

13. parts symbol: SCR1, model: 4530-137, name: thyristor module, specification: SG25M60.

14. parts symbol: CT1, model: 4810-030, name: current tile sensor, specification: W-W03029.

15. parts symbol: CT2, model: 4406-009, name: Hall element, specification: HA400S3I-H.

16. parts symbol: T1, model: P10511B00, name: inverter transformer, specification: P10511B00.

17. parts symbol: LI, model: P10264L00, name: input reactor, specification: P10322L00.

18. parts symbol: L2, model: P10510C00, name: DC reactor, specification: P10510C00.

19. Parts symbol: L3, 4, 6, 12, 21, model: 4739-497, name: ferrite core, specification: E04RA400270150.

20. parts symbol: L7, model: 4739-497, name: ferrite core, specification: E04RA400270150.

21. parts symbols: L10, 11, 13, 14, 24, model: 4739-543, name: ferrite core, specification: E04RA310190100.

22. parts symbol: L18, model: 4739-358, name: ferrite core, specification: RI-17.5-28.5-10.7.

23. parts symbol: L23, Model: 4739-579, Name: Buckle filter, Specification: ZCAT-3035-1330.

24. parts symbol: THP1, model: 4614-040, name: temperature control switch, specification: 67L085.

25. parts symbol: THP2, model: 4614-057, name: temperature control switch, specification: 67L080.

26. parts symbol: THP3, model: 4258-051, name: temperature control switch, specification: 67L090.

27. parts symbol: THP4, model: 4253-024, name: temperature control switch, specification: US-602SXTTAS.

28. parts symbols: FM1, 2, model: P30016L00, name: fan, specification: P30016L00.

29. parts symbol: SH, model: 4403-116, name: shunt, specification: KY400A400A/60mV.

30. parts symbol: R1~4, Model: 1EG191-11400, Name: Varistor, Specification: ENC911D-14A.

31. parts symbol: R7~12, model: 4509-704, name: carbon film resistor, specification: RD1/4Wlk^J.

32. parts symbol: R13~20,43, model: 4508-317, name: carbon film resistor, specification: RD1/2W3kQJ.

33. parts symbol: R29a,b~30a,b, model: 4509-121, name: metal film resistor, specification: RNP-50SC10QF.

34. parts symbol: R35, model: 4509-916, name: cement resistor, specification: T20SH2.2QJA.

35. parts symbols: R36, 38, 47, model: 4509-704, name: carbon film resistor, specification: RD1/4Wlk^J.

36. parts symbol: R39, model: 4504-944, name: wire wound resistor, specification: KNP1W10Q.

37. parts symbol: R41,42, model: 4509-922, name: cement resistor, specification: 20SH10QJA.

38. parts symbols: R44, 45, 46, model: 4509-128, name: metal oxide film resistor, specification: RS2B-200k〇J.

39. parts symbol: R48, Model: 4509-918, Name: Cement Electric Attachment, Specification: 40SII200QJA.

40. parts symbol: R49,50, model: 4509-825, name: cement resistor, specification: 20SH15kQJA.

41. parts symbol: R51a,b~R52a,b, model: 4504-325, name: flat wire wound resistor, specification: NCRF24V20QJ.

42. parts symbol: R53, model: 4509-109, name: metal oxide film resistor, specification: RS1B51k〇.

43. parts symbol: C6,7, model: 4518-528, name: film capacitor, specification: US20X103JAASA.

44. parts symbol: C8, model: 4518-402, name: film capacitor, specification: 0.47hF50V.

45. parts symbol: C9, model: 4511-510, name: aluminum electrolytic capacitor, specification: LWA2N601MSMAZO.

46. parts symbol: CIO, model: 4518-497, name: film capacitor, specification: DHS630V103JSL.

47. parts symbol: Cll, model: 4518-411, name: film capacitor, specification: EM351200D0B1HP.

48. parts symbol: C12, model: 4518-402, name: film capacitor, specification: 0.47nF50V.

49. parts symbol: C13, model: 4518-530, name: film capacitor, specification: US16X154JAASA.

50. parts symbol: C14, Model: 4511-251, Name: Mendeium electrolytic capacitor, Specification: WW02212.

51. parts symbol: C15, model: 4517-401, name: ceramic capacitor, specification: O.OlnF2kV.

52. parts symbol: CONI, model: 4730-421, name: Jinqu socket, specification: HS25R-10.

53. parts symbol: CON2, model: 4730-426, name: metal insert chaos, specification: 25-6BK.

54. parts symbol: PS, model: 4255-016, name: torque switch, specification: W-W00032.

55. parts symbol: TM1, model: 4739-616, name: terminal block, specification: TB10-018P.

56. parts symbol: TM2, model: 4739-505, name: terminal block, specification: TB10-0112P.

57. parts symbol: PCB1, model: P10511L, name: circuit board, specification: P10511U00.

58. parts symbol: PCB2, model: P10265P, name: circuit board, specification: P10265P00.

59. parts symbol: PCB3, model: P10263Q, name: circuit board, specification: P10263Q00.

60. parts symbol: PCB4, model: P10265V, name: circuit board, specification: P10265V00.

61. parts symbol: PCB5, model: P30016T, name: circuit board, specification: P30016T00.

62. parts symbol: PCB6, model: P10511M, name: circuit board, specification: P10511M00.

63. parts symbol: PCB7, model: P10261Q, name: circuit board, specification: P10261Q00.

64. parts symbol: PCB8, model: P10263R, name: circuit board, specification: P10263R00.

65. parts symbol: PCB9, model: P10510R, name: circuit board, specification: P10510R00.

66. parts symbol: PCB10, model: P10510X, name: circuit board, specification: PI0510X00.

67. parts symbol: PCB11, model: P10264S, name: circuit board, specification: P10264S00.

68. Parts model: 4341-308, name: relay, specification: G6B-1114P-FD-USDC24V.

69. parts symbol: PCB12, model: P10510S, name: circuit board, specification: P10510S00.

70. parts symbol: PCB13, model: P10510V, name: circuit board, specification: P10510V00.

71. parts symbol: PCBll, model: P10487P, name: circuit board, specification: P10487P00.

72. parts symbol: PCB15, model: P10487P, name: circuit board, specification: P10487P00.

73. Parts symbol: ①, model: 4739-474, name: rubber plug with membrane, specification: W-W02805.

74. Parts symbol: ②, model: 4739-604, name: rubber pad with film, specification: C-30-SG-32A.

75. parts symbol: ③, Model: 4735-038, Name: Knob, Specification: K-10022RSB.

76. parts symbol: ④, model: 4735-039, name: cover, specification: K-10022CSBL.

77. parts symbol: ⑤, model: 4739-516, name: roller, specification: 420SR-RD50.

78. parts symbol: ⑥, model: P10562W02, name: operation panel, specification: P10562W02.

79. parts symbol: ⑦, model: 4739-476, name:, specification: W-W02814.

80. parts symbol: ⑧, model: P5801G03, name: handle, specification: P5801G03.

81. parts symbol: ⑨, model: P10263G12, name: cushion cover, specification: P10263G12.

82. parts symbol: ⑩, model: P10261J01, name: front cover, specification: P10261J01.

83. parts symbol: ⑪, model: P10263J02, name: operation panel cover, specification: P10263J02.

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