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OTC Welding Machine

OTC wire feeder cm6201\cm6202\cm6402 wire feeding assembly parts and specifications

The wire feed assemblies of the three models of OTC wire feeder CM6201\CM6202\CM6402 are also the same.

OTC wire feeder CM6201\CM6202\CM6402 wire feeder assembly exploded view

According to the above picture and then compare the following:

1. parts symbol: 1, Model: U30055B01, Name: Bracket.

2. parts symbol: 1-1, model: U30055B11, name: bolt assembly.

3. parts symbol: 2, model: U30055L01, name: worm gear wire feeding motor.

4. parts symbol: 2-1, Model: GB/T 819. 1-2000 M6X25, Name: Cross recessed countersunk head screw.

5. parts symbol: 3, model: U30055H01, name: pressure arm screw.

6. parts symbol: 3-1, model: U30055H02, name: handle jacket.

7. parts symbol: 3-2, model: U30055H03, name: spring.

8. parts symbol: 3-3, model: U30055H04, name: handle inner sleeve.

9. parts symbols: 3-4, model: U30055H05, name: retaining ring.

10. Parts symbol: 3-5, model: U30055B03, name: shaft screw ruthenium (5).

11. parts symbol: 3-6, Model: GB 97.1-2002 8, Name: Flat washer.

12. parts symbol: 4, model: U30055B02, name: press arm.

13. parts symbol: 4-1, Model: GB 97. 1-2002 8, Name: Flat washer.

14. parts symbol: 4-2, model: U30055B03, name: shaft screw (5).

15. parts symbol: 5, model: U30055B04, name: pressure roller (bearing).

16. parts symbol: 5-1, model: U30055B05, name: pressure roller insulating sleeve.

17. parts symbol: 5-2, Model: U30055B06, Name: Shaft screw ruthenium (2).

18. parts symbol: 6, model: U30055B09, name: wire guide rod.

19. Parts symbol: 6-1, model: GB 894. 1-86 10, name: spring retaining ring for shaft.

20. parts symbol: 7, model: U30055M01, name: wire feed roller (for diameter 0.8 and 1.0 welding wire).

21. parts symbol: 7, model: U30055M02, name: wire feed roller (for diameter 1.0 and 1.2 wire).

22. parts symbol: 7, model: U30055B07, name: wire feed roller (for diameter 1.2 and 1.6 welding wire).

23. parts symbol: 7, model: U30055M03, name: wire feed roller (for diameter 1.2 and 1.2 welding wire).

24. parts symbol: 7, model: U30055M04, name: wire feed roller (for diameter 1.4 and 1.4 wire).

25. parts symbol: 7, model: U30055M05, name: wire feed roller (for diameter 1.2 and 1.4 welding wire).

26. parts symbol: 7-1, model: U30055B08, name: gasket.

27. Parts symbol: 7-2, model: GB 9074.13-88 M4X12, name: screw assembly.

28. Fitting symbol: 8, model: U30056N01, name: wire guide tube (for diameter 0.8~1.2 welding wire).

29. Fitting symbol: 8, model: U30056B01, name: wire guide tube (for diameter 1.2~1.6 welding wire).

30. parts symbol: 9, model: U30056P00, name: n-seat component.

31. Fitting symbol: 9-1, model: K3985E04, name: trachea joint.

32. parts symbol: 10, model: U30056D02, name: spacer.

33. parts symbol: 11, model: U30056D03, name: power supply module.

34. parts symbol: 11-1, model: GB 70-2000 M8X25, name: hexagon socket head screw ruthenium.

35. parts symbol: 11-2, model: GB 97. 1-2002 10, name: flat washer.

36. parts symbol: 11-3, model: GB 93-87 10, name: pad close.

37. parts symbol: 11-4, model: U30055D02, name: stud.

38. parts symbol: 11-5, model: GB 6170-2000 M10, name: hexagon nut.

39. parts symbol: 12, model: U30056D01, name: torch nozzle.

40. parts symbol: 12-1, model: GB 97. 1-2002 14, name: flat washer.

41. parts symbol: 12-2, model: GB 93-87 14, name: gasket.

42. parts symbol: 12-3, model: GB 6172. 1-2000 M14, name: hexagonal thin nut.

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