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OTC Welding Machine

OTC welding machine VRTP400III parts and specifications

According to the previous article, we know the position and symbol of the OTC argon arc welding machine VRTP400 III (S-3), then we can learn the model of the part and the corresponding OTC order number according to this article, please see the table below.

1. parts symbol: T1, model: P30112B00, name: inverter transformer, specification: P30112B00

2. parts symbol: T2, model: QW-W00125, name: auxiliary transformer, specification: QW-W00125

3. parts symbol: T3, model: QW-W00078, name: auxiliary transformer, specification: QW-W00078

4. parts symbol: DCL, model: P30112D00, name: DC reactor, specification: P30112D00

5. parts symbol: LF1, model: 100-1954, name: filter board, specification: FS5681-33-99 (AP7681)

6. parts symbol: L2, model: 100-1950, name: toroidal core, specification: TW70W (R402715)

7. parts symbol: L3, model: 100-1950, name: toroidal core, specification: TW70W (R402715)

8. parts symbol: L4, model: 100-1950, name: toroidal core, specification: TW70W (R402715)

9. parts symbol: NF, model: 100-0848, name: air switch, specification: DZ47-60 D40 400V

10. parts symbol: FM, model: 100-0933, name: axial flow fan, specification: 200FZY3-S

11. parts symbol: , Model: 100-0850, Name: Fan Net, Specification: QW-W00049

12. parts symbol: CT2, model: 100-0928, name: current sensor, specification: HAS 400-S/SP50

13. parts symbol: PL1, model: 4600-366, name: power indicator light, specification: N46010A7KW

14. parts symbol: PL2, model: 4600-332, name: LED light, specification: DB-40-N-BR

15. parts symbol: THP1, model: 100-1955, name: temperature sensor, specification: KSD301-PH-125/3-NC

16. parts symbol: THP2, model: 100-0895, name: temperature sensor, specification: KSD870 250V-10A 85°C (TYPR A)

17. parts symbol: CC, model: P30112C00, name: arc ignition coil, specification: P30112C00

18. parts symbol: SOL, model: 100-0872, name: solenoid valve, specification: 2CQ-20B-9 (DC 24V)

19. parts symbol: CON1, model: 100-0864, name: external interface, specification: P20J11A (7 pins)

20. parts symbol: C0N2, model: 100-0095, name: external connection P, specification: DPC25-2BP-Z (25-2BD)

21. parts symbol: DM, model: 100-0852, name: digital panel meter, specification: XL5135V-3 (AC 9V)

22. parts symbol: DR1, model: 100-1393, name: three-phase rectifier bridge, specification: MDS75-16

23. parts symbol: DR2~3, model: 100-1951, name: fast diode, specification: MMF150S060DK2B

24. parts symbol: TR1~2, model: 100-1952, name: IGBT module, specification: MMG75SR120B

25. parts symbol: SW1, model: 100-0853, name: switch, specification: KCD18-11 (WI-OFF)

26. parts symbol: SW2, model: 100-0854, name: switch, specification: KCD18-13(ON-OFF-ON)

27. parts symbol: SW3, model: 100-0854, name: switch, specification: KCD18-13 (ON-OFF-ON)

28. parts symbol: SW4, model: 100-0854, name: switch, specification: KCD18-13(ON-OFF-ON)

29. parts symbol: SW5, model: 100-1029, name: switch, specification: KCD19-23((MH)FF-0N>

30. parts symbol: R1-4, Model: 4516-119, Name: Varistor, Specification: TDN14V-911KB0LLA0

31. parts symbol: R5~8, model: 4508-015, name: carbon film resistor, specification: RD1/4W lkQJ

32. parts symbol: R9—10, model: 100-1217, name: cement resistor, specification: RX27N-4V 40W

33. parts Symbol: Rll, Model: 100-0859, Name: Cement Resistor, Specification: RX27-4V 20W

34. parts Symbol: R12, Model: 100-1023, Name: Cement Resistor, Specification: RX27-4V 40W

35. parts Symbol: R13, Model: 100-0860, Name: Cement Resistor, Specification: RX27-4V 40W

36. parts Model: 100-0874, Name: Knob, Specification: K-2195 S

37. parts Model: QW-W00082, Name: Knob, Specification: QW-W00082

38. parts symbol: R24~26, model: 4509-128, name: oxide metal film resistor, specification: RS2B 200KQ

39. parts symbol: C1-2, model: 100-1953, name: film capacitor, specification: MFD-DA01 DC1200V-20uF

40. parts symbol: C4~5, model: 4518-533, name: film capacitor, specification: CBB80-2000V-473J

41. parts symbol: C7, model: 4517-455, name: ceramic capacitor, specification: 0. 01 F 2kV

42. parts symbol: PS, model: 4255-016, name: pressure switch, specification: W-W00032

43. parts symbol: F1, model: 100-0862, name: fuse, specification: ZH217 (500V/5A)

44. Parts model: 100-0863, name: fuse holder, specification: QW-W00055(150)

45. parts Symbol: PCB1, Model: P30247P, Name: Printed Circuit Board, Specification: P30247P00

46. parts Symbol: PCB2, Model: P30067S, Name: Printed Circuit Board, Specification: P30067S00

47. parts Symbol: PCB3, Model: P30067T, Name: Printed Circuit Board, Specification: P30067T00

48. parts Symbol: PCB4, Model: P30O67Y, Name: Printed Circuit Board, Specification: P30067Y00

49. parts Symbol: PCB5, Model: P30067V, Name: Printed Circuit Board, Specification: P30067V00

50. parts Symbol: PCB8, Model: P30112U, Name: Printed Circuit Board, Specification: P30112U00

51. parts symbol: ①, model: K3904B00, name: input terminal block, specification: K3904B00

52. parts symbol: ②, model: K3904C00, name: input terminal cover, specification: K3904C00

53. parts symbol: ③, model: 100-0866, name: cable clamp, specification: W-WQ0010

54. parts symbol: ④, model: K3927B00, name: base metal (+), specification: K3927B00

55. parts symbol: ⑤, model: QW-W00090, name: water-cooled output terminal, specification: QW-W00090

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