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OTC Welding Machine

OTC welding machine ADP400 parts and specifications

In this article, we have introduced the parts configuration diagram of OTC argon arc welding machine ADP400 . We can find out the specifications and models of each part of ADP400 and the corresponding OTC order number according to the diagrams in the previous article. below.

1. parts symbol: B1, model: 4815-002, name: button lithium battery, specification: CR2032.

2. parts symbol: Cl, model: 100-2038, name: ceramic capacitor, specification: DFBE33D222ZA2B (2kV0.0022^F).

3. parts symbol: C2~5, model: 100-2039, name: high voltage metallized polypropylene film capacitor, specification: CBB80-2000V-472J.

4. parts symbol: C6, model: 100-2050, name: ceramic capacitor, specification: DEBB33D102KN2A.

5. parts symbol: C7, model: 100-2046, name: film capacitor, specification: C823C154JB0C000.

6. parts symbol: C8, model: 100-0227, name: film capacitor, specification: QYX1H474JTP.

7. parts symbol: CC, model: P30126U00, name: coupling coil, specification: P30126U00.

8. parts symbol: CONI, model: 100-0095, name: quick connector, specification: DPC25-2BP-Z.

9. parts symbol: C0N2, model: 4730-005, name: quick connector, specification: DPC25-4BP.

10. parts symbol: CT1, model: 100-0851, name: current transformer, specification: QW-W00050.

11. parts symbol: or, model: 4810-030, name: current transformer, specification: W-W03029.

12. parts symbol: CT2, model: 100-0928, name: current sensor, specification: HAS400-S/SP50.

13. parts symbol: DR1, model: 100-2045, name: rectifier module, specification: MMK75U160UX.

14. parts symbol: DR2,3, model: 100-2040, name: rectifier module, specification: MMF200S060DK2B.

15. parts symbol: DR4, model: 100-2041, name: rectifier module, specification: MMF300S060DA.

16. parts symbol: DR5, model: 100-2043, name: rectifier module, specification: MMF2X100J060D.

17. parts symbol: FI, model: 100-2034, name: fuse, specification: RT28-322A (R015).

18. parts model: 100-1400, name: fuse support, specification: RT28N-32/1P.

19. parts symbol: FM, model: 100-1394, name: fan, specification: TG22580HA6BT.

20. parts symbol: LI, model: P30126C00, name: DC reactor, specification: P30126C00.

21. parts symbol: L2, model: 100-1950, name: filter coil, specification: TW70WT40X15X27.

22. parts symbol: L3, model: 4739-543, name: filter line, specification: E04RA310190100.

23. parts symbols: L4~L7, model: 100-1950, name: filter coil, specification: TW70WT40X15X27.

24. parts symbol: L8~L16, model: 4739-543, name: filter coil, specification: E04RA310190100.

25. parts symbol: LF1, model: 100-1954, name: filter, specification: AP7681.

26. parts symbol: or, model: 4519-036, name: filter, specification: FS5681-33-99.

27. parts symbol: NF1, model: 100-0848, name: main switch, specification: DZ47-60D40A.

28. parts symbol: PCB1, model: P10464U, name: circuit board, specification: P10464U00.

29. parts symbol: PCB2, model: P10346P, name: circuit board, specification: P10346P00.

30. parts symbol: PCB3, model: P10263Q, name: circuit board, specification: P10263Q00.

31. parts symbol: PCB4, model: P10327V, name: circuit board, specification: P10327V00.

32. parts symbol: PCB5, model: P10346T, name: circuit board, specification: P10346T00.

33. parts symbol: PCB6, model: P10327M, name: circuit board, specification: P10327M00.

34. parts symbol: PCB7, model: P10263X, name: circuit board, specification: P10263X00.

35. parts symbol: PCB8, model: P30126X, name: circuit board, specification: P30126X00.

36. parts symbol: PCB9, model: P10293R, name: circuit board, specification: P10293R00.

37. parts symbol: PCB10, model: P10293V, name: circuit board, specification: P10293V00.

38. parts symbol: PCB11, model: P10346R, name: circuit board, specification: P10346R00.

39. parts symbol: PCB12, model: P30067T, name: circuit board, specification: P30067T00.

40. parts symbol: PCB13, model: P10293T, name: circuit board, specification: P10293T00.

41. parts symbol: PCB14, model: P30126R, name: circuit board, specification: P30126R00.

42. parts symbol: PL1, model: QW-W00115, name: indicator light, specification: QW-W00115.

43. parts symbol: or, model: 4600-366, name: indicator light, specification: N46010A7KW-01.

44. parts symbol: PS1, model: 4255-016, name: pressure switch, specification: W-W00032.

45. parts symbol: R1~4, Model: 4516-119, Name: Varistor, Specification: TND14V-911KB0LLM0.

46. parts symbol: R5, model: 100-2037, name: small oxide metal film resistor, specification: M0S2C511J.

47. parts symbol: R6, model: 100-2044, name: cement resistor, specification: RX27-4V-40W-200R-J.

48. parts symbol: R7, model: 100-2035, name: cement resistor, specification: RX27-4V-20W-15K-J.

49. parts symbol: R8~13, model: 4508-015, name: carbon film resistor, specification: CFS1/4CT52A102J.

50. parts symbol: R14~17, model: 100-1403, name: non-inductive cement resistor, specification: RX27N-4V-30W-5.1RJ.

51. parts symbol: R18a~c, model: 100-2047, name: wire wound resistor, specification: RXB24N-95W-30RJ.

52. parts symbol: R19a~c, model: 100-2047, name: wire wound resistor, specification: RXB24N-95W-30RJ.

53. parts symbol: R20~23, model: 4508-015, name: carbon film resistor, specification: CFS1/4CT52A102J.

54. parts symbol: R24, model: 100-2048, name: wire wound resistor, specification: RXG1N80W200RJ.

55. parts symbol: R25, model: 4508-015, name: carbon film resistor, specification: CFS1/4CT52A102J.

56. parts symbol: R26, R27, model: 4508-015, name: carbon film resistor, specification: CFS1/4CT52A102J.

57. parts symbol: R28~30, model: 100-2036, name: small oxide genus peeling fixed resistor, specification: SPR2CT52A204J.

58. parts symbol: SOLI, model: 100-0872, name: solenoid valve, specification: ZCQ-20B-9 (DC24V).

59. parts symbol: SSR, model: 100-0670, name: relay, specification: YHD4810A.

60. parts symbol: T1, model: P30126B00, name: transformer, specification: P30126B00.

61. parts symbol: T2, model: 4810-916, name: autotransformer, specification: W-W02936.

62. parts symbol: THP1, model: 100-0932, name: temperature control switch, specification: KSD301-PH-110/3-NC (250#CQC).

63. parts symbol: THP2, model: 100-0943, name: temperature control switch, specification: KSD301-PM6-70/3-NC (250#CQC).

64. parts symbol: THF3, model: 100-2049, name: temperature control switch, specification: KSD301-PlI-115/3-NC (250#CQC).

65. parts symbol: TM1, model: K3904B00, name: input terminal, specification: K3904B00.

66. parts model: K3904C01, name: input terminal protection cover, specification: K3904C01.

67. parts symbol: TM2, model: K3927B00, name: terminal block, specification: K3927B00.

68. parts symbol: TM3, model: QW-W00090, name: water cooling terminal, specification: QW-W00090.

69. parts symbol: TR1~4, model: 4534-418, name: IGBT module, specification: CM150DY-12NF.

70. parts symbol: TR5,6, model: 100-2042, name: IGBT module, specification: MMG400D060B6EN.

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