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OTC Welding Machine

Parts order numbers and specifications of AVP360 secondary transformer ASSY for OTC argon arc welding machine

The order number and specification details of the parts and components of the AVP360 secondary transformer ASSY for the OTC argon arc welding machine are as follows:


1. parts symbol: DR2,3, model: 4531-080, name: diode module, specification: RM300CA-9W.

2. parts symbol: DR4,5, model: 4531-087, name: diode module, specification: FRS200BA60.

3. parts symbol: DR6,7, model: 4531-065, name: diode module, specification: PD308.

4. parts symbols: TR4a, b, model: 4534-410, name: IGBT module, specification: CM300DU-12F 300G.

5. parts symbol: SCR1, model: 4530-137, name: thyristor module, specification: SG25AA60.

6. parts symbol: THP2, model: 4614-051, name: thermostat, specification: 67L090.

7. parts symbol: R19, model: 4509-713, name: carbon film resistor, specification: RD1/2W 10kQ.

8. parts symbol: Cll, model: 4518-455, name: film capacitor, specification: 50V 0.15 u F.

9. parts symbols: R17, 18 R35, 36, model: 4509-828, name: cement resistor, specification: 20SHN 5QKA.

10. parts symbol: C9, 10 C12, 13, model: 4518-454, name: film capacitor, specification: ECWH16333JV.

11. parts symbol: R40,41, model: 4509-832, name: cement resistance, specification: 10SHN 0.82QKA.

12. parts symbol: C17,18, model: 4518-434, name: film capacitor, specification: UE60Y224K.

13. parts symbols: C14, C15a, b, model: 4518-411, name: film capacitor, specification: EM351200D0B1HP.

14. parts symbol: R28, model: 300-0076, name: carbon film resistor, specification: SPR3C 204J (200K).

15. parts symbol: R30, model: 4509-883, name: non-inductive resistor, specification: 20SHN 20KQJ.

16. parts symbol: R20, model: 4504-503, name: wire wound resistor, specification: GG80W 200QJ.

17. parts symbol: R29 a, b, R37, model: 4504-318, name: parallel winding resistor, specification: NCRF22V 5Q.

18. parts symbol: PCB8, model: P6019H, name: printed circuit board, specification: P6019H00.

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