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OTC Welding Machine

OTC wire feeder CM7402\CMW-742-C Wire feed roller and guide tube parts and specifications

OTC wire feeders CM7402\CMW-742-C have many options for their wire feed rollers, central wire guides and outlet wire guides. Customers can choose appropriate wire feed rollers and other parts according to their own welding machine diameter. Please see the table below.

Feed Roller:

Part number/OTC order numbernamequantityRemark
K5439B01Feed Roller (1.4/1.6)2
K5439B04Feed Roller (1.2/1.4)2
K5439B05Feed Roller (1.2/1.2)2
K5439B06Feed Roller (1.4/1.4)2
K5439B07Feed Roller (1.6/1.6)2
K5439B09Wire feed roll (0.6/0.8)2
K5439B10Feed Roller (1.6/2.0)2
K5439B11Feed Roller (1.2/1.6)2
K5439B12Wire feed roller (0.9-1.0/1.2)2
K5439B13Wire feed roller (0.8/0.9-1.0)2

Central wire guide tube, outlet wire guide tube

Part number/OTC order numbernamequantityRemark
L10595C01Central wire guide tube (0.6-1.6)1Standard assembly
U30033M01Central wire guide tube (2.0)1
U30022M01Outlet wire guide tube (0.6-0.9)1
U30022J02Outlet wire guide (0.9-1.2)1Standard assembly
U30022M02Outlet wire guide (1.2-1.6)1

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