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TIG Welding Machine

  • A350P


  • A350P welding machine can perform high-quality welding from very thin plates to medium and thick plates;
    A350P welding machine can achieve high-efficiency TIG welding through 500Hz AC frequency and high utilization rate;

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A350P welding machine can use the function of [Welding Setting Guide] to Automatic matching of welding conditions;
A350P welding machine can correspond to digital interface box, which is more convenient when connecting to automatic welding;

The rich internal functions of A350P welding machine can correspond to welding requirements under various special process conditions;

OTC argon arc welding machine A350P parameters are as follows

Comprehensive nameWelbee Inverter A350P
welding power sourceformWB-A350P
Rated output currentAACTIGDC TIGAC manual weldingDC hand welding
Rated input voltageIN380V
number of phases/three phase
Rated frequencyHz50/60
rated powerkVA12.2(10.2kW)12.3(10.8kW)15.6(10.2kW)10.5(9.1kW)
Maximum no-load voltageIN70/77
Rated usage%40
Rated load voltageINtwenty fourtwenty four3030
Output current rangeA5-350


5-250 (soft arc mode)
Aeration time in advancesecond0-99/
Delay timesecond0-99
Ramp up timesecond0-10
Swap down timesecond0-10
Pulse frequencyHz0.1-999
Pulse Width%50 (5-95% can be set in F function)
AC frequencyHz30-500/50 or 60/
Clear width adjustment%-20~20 (10-50% of the positive electrode period)/
AC-DC switching frequencyHz0.1-50
Automatic crater control[Yes][No][Repeat]Switching method/
spot welding timesecond01~10/
Welding condition memory100
Dimensionsmm395*710*640 (excluding rings)
Arc start methodHigh frequency arcing/contact arcing/

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