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TIG Welding Machine

  • AEP300 AEP500

AEP300 AEP500

  • AEP300 AEP500 rectangular wave AC pulse TIG/rectangular wave AC TIG/TIG arc spot welding/DC pulse TIG/DC manual welding/DC TIG/AC manual welding;

    AEP300 AEP500 dynamic reactance control, to achieve stable rectangular wave AC current in the whole range from small current to large current;

    AEP300 AEP500 pulse arc has outstanding power for different metals, different plate thicknesses, single-sided welding and double-sided forming, various streets, and welding with gaps;

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AEP300 AEP500 can greatly reduce welding defects such as thermal deformation, poor fusion, insufficient penetration, cracks, pores, etc. due to its ability to control the line energy;

AEP300 AEP500 arc cleaning width continuous adjustment function can achieve beautiful and high-quality welding of aluminum and magnesium;

AEP300 AEP500 initial current adjustment function, current scar, drop function, arc crater processing function, etc. to achieve higher requirements for welding quality.

OTC argon arc welding machine AEP300 AEP500 standard technical specifications

welding power sourcemodelAEP-300AEP-500
Input voltageV, HzSingle-phase, 380V±10%, 50/60HzSingle-phase, 380V±10%, 50/61Hz
Rated Input Capacity (TIG)What28.8 (12.9kW)47.0 (27.9kW)
Output current rangeACTIGA20~30020~500
DC TIG5~3005~500
Rated duty cycle%4060
Dimensions (W×D×H)mm460×663×859508×724×895
welding torchmodelAW-18 (water cooling)AW-12 (water cooling)
Gas flow regulatormodelAF-2502AF-2502
Cable, water pipe, gas pipemodelCHAPTER-3501BMRH-50

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