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  • ABIROB® W300


Let's talk about the ABIROB®W300 water-cooled torch neck of Binzel in detail . According to the angle of the torch neck, we can divide it into the following two cases , one is that the angle of the torch neck is 22°, and the other is that the angle of the torch neck is 45°. The following table:

gun neck angle22°45°
Standard product number782.0110.1782.0111.1
With Nozzle Sensor Part Number782.0014.1782.0015.1

With nozzle sensor is through the nozzle contact welding seam positioning needs to connect the nozzle sensor

Through the above table, we can choose the gun neck that suits us. What everyone should pay attention to here is that wearing parts and spare parts are not included in the factory standard configuration! Please order separately according to different applications!

Let's take a look at the wearing parts of Binzel's water-cooled welding torch ABIROB® W300:

Binzel consumables

From the above figure, we can see that there are four wearing parts, namely, the contact tip seat, the shunt, the contact tip and the nozzle.

Contact tip holder for the water-cooled welding torch ABIROB® W300 from Binzell:

Binzel contact tip holder

typeProduct number
M6 Copper785.5052

Diverter for Binzel water-cooled welding torch ABIROB® W300:

Binzel shunt

typeProduct number
High temperature resistance (ceramic)962.1341

Contact tips for the ABIROB® W300 water-cooled welding torch from Binzell :

Binzel contact tip

typeWelding wire diameterΦProduct number
Chrome Zirconium Copper0.8140.0054

Let's take a look at the nozzle of the ABIROB® W300 water-cooled welding gun from Binzell :

Binzel nozzle

Type coneABCProduct number
Recess (-1.0 mm)25mm13mm48.5mm145.0564
Stick-Out (+3.0mm)25mm13mm44.5mm145.0495
Stick-Out (+3.0mm)25mm15.5mm44.5mm145.0494

Recess means the contact tip is recessed  Stick-out means the contact tip is protruding

Here we put the Binzel water-cooled welding torch ABIROB®W300 After talking, I believe that everyone can choose suitable spare parts according to their actual situation. If you need to purchase, you can contact me. All parts are guaranteed to be genuine. Tel:+86-180-9663-1656 (same wechat and WhatsApp numbers). You can also email me 15305667776@163.com and ahojotc@gmail.com. For network reasons, if you want to send me an email, please send it to both email addresses at the same time. thank you very much.

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