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OTC Robot

  • FD-B4S


  • The FD-B4S robot can change the posture of the robot while keeping the position and posture of the welding torch unchanged;
    the complex teaching of the FD-B4S 7-axis robot realizes simple manual operation through the use of coordination technology; the
    FD-B4S robot will weld the cable Built-in in the 7th axis mechanism, there is no need to worry about the interference between cables, fixtures and workpieces during teaching operations.

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OTC seven-axis robot FD-B4S robot parameters

structurevertical articulation
number of axes7
The maximum carrying weight of the arm4 kg
Position repeatability±0.08mm (Note 1)
drive methodAC servo motor
drive capacity3550W
position feedbackAbsolute encoder
range of motionbasic axisJ1 (Rotation 1)±170°
J2 (front and rear)-145°~+70°
J7 (rotate 2)±90°
J3 (up and down)-170°~+142.6°
arm axisJ4 (Rotation)±155°
J5 (swing)-45°~+225°(Note 2)
J6 (twist)±205° (Note 2)
Maximum speedbasic axisJ1 (Rotation 1)3.66rad/s{210°/s}
J2 (front and rear)3.66rad/s{210°/s}
J7 (rotate 2)3.14rad/s{180°/s}
J3 (up and down)3.66rad/s{210°/s}
arm axisJ4 (Rotation)7.33rad/s{420°/s}
J5 (swing)7.33rad/s{420°/s}
J6 (twist)10.5rad/s{600°/s}
Arm load capacityallowable torqueJ4 (Rotation)10.1N.m
J5 (swing)10.1N.m
J6 (twist)2.94N.m
allowable moment of inertiaJ4 (Rotation)0.38kg.m²
J5 (swing)0.38kg.m²
J6 (twist)0.03kg.m²
Cross-sectional area of robot motion range2.57m²×340°
Use environmental conditionsTemperature: 0~45℃, Humidity: 20~80%RH (no condensation)
Body weight189kg
Upper arm load capacity10kg (Note 3)
installation methodGround (Note 4)
Body colorWhite (Munsell color code 10GY9/1)

Note 1: Position repeatability is a standard tool center point (TCP) measurement value in accordance with JIS B 8432 Note

2: The motion range of the 6th axis may be limited by the posture of the 5th axis Note

3: The upper arm's loadable weight can vary with the maximum loadable weight. Note

4: Please consult our sales staff when you need side hanging and hoisting specifications

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