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OTC Robot

  • FD-B6


  • The FD-B6 robot realizes the industry's high-level operating speed and shortens the operation cycle time;
    FD-B6 robot 5 and 6-axis motors are embedded in the arm, thus avoiding interference with fixtures and workpieces;
    FD-B6 robot Synchro feed welding configuration The required cables are built into the body. The interference behind the arm is avoided; the
    FD-B6 robot can carry a weight of 6KG, and can be equipped with various welding torches and sensors, which is very suitable for handling purposes.

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The parameters of OTC robot FD-B6 are as follows:

number of axes6 axes
drive capacity3132w
range of motionBasic axis J1±170° (±50°)
Basic axis J2﹣155°~﹢90°
Basic axis J3﹣170°~﹢245°
Arm axis J4±155° (±170°)
Arm axis J5﹣45°~﹢225°
Arm axis J6±205° (±360°)
Maximum speedBasic axis J14.19rad/s{240°/s}(3.32rad/s{190°/s})
Basic axis J24.19rad/s{210°/s}
Basic axis J34.01rad/s{210°/s}
Basic axis J47.50rad/s{420°/s}
Basic axis J57.50rad/s{420°/s}
Basic axis J611.00rad/s{600°/s}
load capacityAllowable torque J410.5N·m
Allowable torque J510.5N·m
Allowable torque J65.9N·m
Allowable moment of inertia J40.28kg·m²
Allowable moment of inertia J50.28kg·m²
Allowable moment of inertia J60.06kg·m²
Cross-sectional area of robot motion range3.59m²x340°
Ambient temperature and humidityNo condensation
Body weight145kg
3rd axis load capacity10kg
Installation method
Front Mount/Upside Down/Side Mount

The above is the equipment parameters of OTC robot FD-B6, you can check it. If you need to buy any accessories of OTC, you can contact me. Our company sells all types of OTC equipment, original parts and spare parts. Our company is an OTC designated agent distributor in China. All parts are guaranteed to be genuine. Tel:+86-180-9663-1656 (same wechat and WhatsApp numbers). At the same time, you are welcome to join my wechat to exchange knowledge and information about OTC welding machine experience. You can also email me 15305667776@163.com and ahojotc@gmail.com. For network reasons, if you want to send me an email, please send it to both email addresses at the same time. thank you very much.

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