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Welding torch/Cutting torch

  • AWX-2081


The following is a photo display of the original OTC, also called AWX-2081 , the original OTC water-cooled argon arc welding torch .

AWX-2081 welding torch

The AWX-2081 welding gun is often used on the OTC welding machine MINI200P, and the length of the gun is 8 meters.

AWX-2081 welding torch

The AWX-2081 welding gun has a very simple structure and is very convenient to use. It can be used when connected to the machine, and its cable is very soft and suitable for movement. It is very durable.

AWX-2081 welding torch

 The AWX-2081 welding torch can maintain stable welding for a long time, with less consumption of electrodes and long service life.

AWX-2081 welding torch

The AWX-2081 welding torch canmeet the welding needs of customers and is a very cost-effective welding tool. Let you work happily during the welding process.

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