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OTC welding torch WT3510SBD welding torch handle design adopts ergonomic principle, which is more convenient to operate;
    OTC welding torch WT3510SBD can be easily connected with any brand of wire feeder;
    OTC welding torch WT3510SBD coaxial cable is soft and durable;
    OTC welding torch WT3510SBD can provide various template blocks The modified welding gun body (rotatable 360 degrees) is easy to disassemble and replace;the high-quality wire feeding tube ensures smooth wire feeding;

OTC welding torch WT3510-SCD OTC welding torch WT3510-SCD connection plug nut is replaced with metal material, which is more durable.

Standard Technical Specifications

Welding gun modelWT3510
Rated currentCO₂220A280A350A-
Rated voltage (without load)95V
Applicable gasAr, CO₂ or mixed gas (gas pressure 0.1MPa~0.35MPa)
Gas flow15~25L/Min
Contact tip1.2mm contact tip is standard
Torch Switch Ratings5A 125/250VAC or 0.6 125ADC/0.3A 250VDC
cable length3.0m4.5m6.0m
Applicable wire diameter (mm)※(0.9),(1.0),1.2,(1.4)(1.0), 1.2, (1.4)1.2, (1.4)
cooling methodair cooling
fit standardGB/T 15579.7-2005 (IEC (60974-7:2005)

This is the introduction of OTC manual secondary welding torch WT3510SBD .  If you need to buy, you can contact me. Our company sells all types of OTC equipment, original accessories and spare parts. Our company is the agent designated by OTC. All accessories are guaranteed to be original and authentic. Contact number: +86-180-9663-1656 (the same wechat and whatsapp number). At the same time, you are welcome to join me in wechat to exchange knowledge and information about OTC welding machine Experience.Welcome to 15305667776@163.com and ahojotc@gmail.com. Due to the network, if you want to send me an email, please send it to these two email addresses at the same time. Thank you very much.

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