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  • L10638


  • L10638

    Copper coaxial cable

    one-line cable

    OTC Robot Accessories

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OTC Robot Parts Copper Coaxial Cable L10638 Photo Show:

OTC Robot Accessories One-Line Cable L10638

The above is the photo display of OTC robot accessories copper axis cable L10638. if you need to buy, please contact me, our company sells all types of OTC equipment and original accessories and parts; also provides maintenance services for robots, welding machines and cutting machines, Hefei , Wuhu, Maanshan, Huainan and other places, we can provide on-site maintenance services on the same day, and other provinces can provide remote services. Our company is an agent designated by OTC, and all accessories are guaranteed to be original and authentic. Contact number: 180-9663-1656 (Same number on WeChat ) , and you are also welcome to add me on WeChat to exchange knowledge and experience of OTC welding machines with me.