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  • U724E01


  • U724E01


    Water-cooled welding torch RTW5000H

    OTC Robot parts

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OTC robot water cooling torch nozzle U724E01 picture display:

OTC Robot Water Cooling Nozzle U724E01

The U724E01 water-cooled nozzle is often used on the RTW5000H welding torch.

OTC Robot Water Cooling Nozzle U724E01

The above is the photo display of OTC robot water-cooled welding torch nozzle U724E01. If you need to purchase, you can contact me. Our company sells all types of OTC equipment, original parts and spare parts. Our company is an OTC designated agent distributor in China. All parts are guaranteed to be genuine. Tel:+86-180-9663-1656 (same wechat and WhatsApp numbers). At the same time, you are welcome to join my wechat to exchange knowledge and information about OTC welding machine experience. You can also email me 15305667776@163.com and ahojotc@gmail.com. For network reasons, if you want to send me an email, please send it to both email addresses at the same time. thank you very much.

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