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Welding torch/Cutting torch

  • Introduction of TIG torch AW series

Introduction of TIG torch AW series

  • TIG welding torch

    OTC argon arc welding

    TIG torch

    AW series

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The structure of the welding torch is simple, the cable is soft, the durability is strong, and it is easy to use;

Standard angle, straight, and soft adjustable torch shapes fully meet the welding needs of customers;

It can maintain stable welding for a long time, with less consumption of electrodes and long service life.

Standard Technical Specifications
Welding gun modelWelding currentRated load duration (%)cooling methodUse electrode diameter (Φ) (mm)Cable length (m)
DC (A)Exchange (A)
AW-91209550air cooling(0.5), 1.0, 1.64 or 8
AWF-9 Soft Adjustable Type1209550air cooling(0.5), 1.0, 1.64 or 8
AWP-9 Straight Type1209550air cooling(0.5), 1.0, 1.64 or 8
AW-1715013050air cooling(0.5),(1.0),1.6,(2.0),(2.4)4 or 8
AWF-17 Soft Adjustable Type15013050air cooling(0.5),(1.0),1.6,(2.0),2.44 or 8
AWP-17 Straight Type15013050air cooling(0.5),(1.0),1.6,(2.0),2.44 or 8
AW-204120016035air cooling(0.5),(1.0),(1.6),(2.0),2.4,(3.0),(3.2),(4.0)4
AW-208120016035air cooling(0.5),(1.0),(1.6),(2.0),2.4,(3.0),(3.2),(4.0)8
AW(D)-2620016050air cooling(0.5),(1.0),(1.6),(2.0),2.4,(3.0),(3.2),(4.0)4 or 8
AWF-26 Soft Adjustable Type20016050air cooling(0.5),(1.0),(1.6),(2.0),2.4,(3.0),(3.2),(4.0)4 or 8
AW-20200160100air cooling(0.5),(1.0),1.6,(2.0),2.4,(3.0),(3.2)4 or 8
AW-25 Soft Adjustable Type200160100air cooling(0.5),(1.0),1.6,(2.0),2.4,(3.0),(3.2)4 or 8
AW(D)-18300260100air cooling(0.5),(1.0),(1.6),(2.0),2.4,(3.0),3.2,(4.0)4 or 8
AW-12500400100air cooling(1.0),(1.6),(2.4),3.2,4.0,(4.8),(6.4)4 or 8
AWG-8250200100air cooling(1.6),(2.0),(2.4),(3.0),3.2,(4.0)4 or 8
AW-33500400100water cooling(1.0),(1.6),2.4,3.2,(4.0),(6.4)4 or 8

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