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TIG Welding Machine

  • VRTP400


  • VRTP400 has a variety of pulse mode mode functions, which can achieve better welding according to the shape of the workpiece;

    The newly developed high frequency generating circuit of VRTP400 realizes stable instantaneous arc starting;

    The minimum output current of VRTP400TIG welding is 4A;

    When VRTP400TIG is welding, it is equipped with a safety function of automatic gas stop when there is no welding and the gas continues to flow for more than 2 minutes;

    The VRTP400 remote control box has automatic identification function, no need to switch through the panel switch, and the remote control box makes it more convenient to set welding conditions;

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The OTC argon arc welding machine VRTP400 realizes the overlapping placement of the two machines, that is, the structure in which the upper power supply fixing feet are covered with the lower power supply handle;

OTC argon arc welding machine VRTP400 standard supporting automatic machine terminal block;

OTC argon arc welding machine VRTP400 is equipped with input over-voltage protection circuit, input low-voltage protection circuit and input under-phase protection circuit, which can be safely protected no matter what the power situation is;

OTC argon arc welding machine VRTP400 has a built-in anti-electric shock function (switched by the switch on the base plate), which is suitable for welding operations in humid, high-altitude, narrow and other occasions;

OTC argon arc welding machine VRTP400 has a dust-proof structure, which can be used with peace of mind even in harsh environments;

OTC argon arc welding machine VRTP400 special arc end mode adjustment function.

    OTC argon arc welding machine VRTP400 parameters are as follows:

welding power sourcemodelVRTP-400(S-3)
Input voltageV, Hz3-phase, 380V±10%, 50/60Hz
Rated input capacityTIG weldingWhat13.6 (12.9kW)
hand soldering18(17.1kW)
Output current rangeTIG weldingA4~400
hand soldering10~400
Rated duty cycle%60
Dimensions (W×D×H)mm325×645×535
welding torchmodelAW-18 (water cooling)
Gas flow regulatormodelAF-2502
Cable, water pipe, gas pipemodelCHAPTER-3501

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