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CO₂/MAG/MIG Welding Machine

  • CPDP500


  • The unique design concept of OTC digital control can realize instantaneous current waveform control on the pulse waveform of the welding process, ensuring the high performance of the overall welding process and welding system;

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OTC welding expert system, rich welding data can meet the needs of diversified welding , let the services of welding experts accompany you;while achieving high-quality welding of traditional carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, the welding of galvanized steel sheets and copper is also impeccable; thearc is stable, and the arc starting rate is nearly 100%. low spatter, suitable for high-speed and high-quality welding of automatic machines;digital display of current and voltage, more readable.

OTC Welder CPDP500 welding machine parameters

Comprehensive namemodelCPDP500
welding power sourcemodelCPDP-500
Input voltageV, Hz3-phase, 380V±10%, 50/60Hz
Rated input capacityKVA29.0 (27.2kW)
Output current rangeA40~500
Rated duty cycle%60 (100% at 350A pulse)
Dimensions (W*D*H)mm376×651×831
wire feedermodelCMXH-2301CMWH-147
(iron/stainless steel air cooling)(aluminum air cooling)
welding torchmodelWT5000-SCDWTCAW-5002
Gas flow regulatormodelAF-5002
welding cablemodelBKPT-7002

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