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CO₂/MAG/MIG Welding Machine

  • P500L


  • The welding condition range of P500L is expanded, and the welding speed is further improved. Even in high-speed welding, the voltage fluctuation is small, and the welding seam of uniform width can be realized. When
    matched with the OTC robot series, it can exert its function and realize high-efficiency and high-quality welding.

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P500L pursues more High durability, efficient dust resistance, and simpler and more convenient maintenance and maintenance; rich welding modes and optional modes, through the optional installation software, high-quality welding of special materials can be easily achieved;

The P500L water tank integrated trolley configuration realizes the convenience of on-site operation and provides customers with more choices.

The unique ultra-low spatter control function CBT-EX of the OTC welding machine P500L , CO2 welding can achieve the effect of the previous generation of inverter MAG welding, reducing customer gas use costs and labor grinding costs

P500L's unique waveform control function and ultra-low spatter control The combination of functions realizes high-efficiency and high-quality welding of pipelines;
P500L has aluminum alloy waveform control, and aluminum alloy welding realizes fish scale welding seam comparable to TIG welding;
    P500L is equipped with special software for vertical upward welding to make difficult vertical upward welding. Easier;
    P500L is equipped with stainless steel welding mode as standard, and additionally equipped with ferritic stainless steel welding mode, which enriches the welding options of stainless steel;
    P500L welding machine comes with intelligent welding quality management and expansion functions, welding conditions and welding results It can be conveniently managed through USB;
the intelligent design of P500L enables the welding machine to have intelligent functions to improve productivity, and can realize the jog adjustment of welding current and high-speed arc spot welding functions through the welding torch switch;

OTC welding machine P500L welding machine parameters

Comprehensive nameP500L
welding power sourcemodelWB-P500L
Input voltageV, Hz3-phase, 380+10%, 50/60Hz
Rated input capacitykVA25.3(24.5KW)
Output current rangeA30~500
Rated duty cycle%60 (DC)/80 (pulse)
Dimensions (W×D×H)mm395*710*810
wire feedermodelCMV-7402CMW-742CMAW-7402CMAW-742
(for P500L ultra-low splash)(iron/stainless steel water cooling)(Aluminum water cooling/air cooling combined use)(aluminum water cooling)
welding torchmodelWT3510-SDWTCW-5001WTAW400-SDWTCAW-5002
Gas flow regulatormodelW-50FL-Ar/W-198-220V (for CO2 ultra-low splash)
welding cablemodelBKPT-6002

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