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CO₂/MAG/MIG Welding Machine

  • W400


  • The original AC pulse welding method of OTC welding machine W400 realizes high-efficiency and high-quality welding of ultra-thin plates;

    W400's improved double pulse enables high-quality welds with fewer defects;

    W400 can realize high-quality welding of aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials and thicknesses;

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W400 output current increased by 33%! High-quality welding to medium and heavy plates is possible.

OTC welding machine W400 welding machine parameters

Comprehensive nameWelbee Inverter W400
welding power sourcemodelWB-W400
Input voltageIN380 (50/60Hz shared)
Rated input capacitykVA21.4(17.0kw)
Rated usage%DC: 350A 100%DC pulse: 283A 100%AC pulse: 300A 100%
Rated output currentADC: 400A/350ADC pulse: 400A/283AAC pulse: 400A/300
Rated load voltageINDC: 34V/31.5VDC pulse: 34V/28.2VAC pulse: 31.5V/29V
Output current rangeA30-400
Output voltage rangeIN12-34
Maximum no-load voltageIN88
Dimensions (W*D*H)mm395*710*835 (excluding rings)
Wire FeederformCM-7402CMA-7402CMAW-7402
Applicable wire diametermm(0.8), 0.9, 1.0, 1.2, (1.4, 1.6)1.0, 1.2, (1.6)(1.0), 1.2, 1.6
Use welding wire
Solid wire, flux-cored wire; hard aluminum, soft aluminum
wire feed speedm/minmax 22
Dimensions (W*D*H)mm207*588*372248*766*429248*778*429
weightkg12; 15
welding torchformWT3510-SDWTA300-SDWTAW400-SD
Rated currentA350300400
Applicable wire diametermm(0.9, 1.0), 1.2; 1.2, (1.6)
usage%MAG:30 CO2:60DC MIG: 50 Pulse MIG: 30100
cooling method
air cooling; water cooling
cable lengthm3 (4.5, 6); 3
Wire feeder side cableformBKPDT-6002
Cable diametermm260
Base metal side cableform60
Cable diametermm260

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