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Wire feeder

  • CM8201


  • CM8201

    XD350S XD500S

    OTC wire feeder

  • Without remote control box

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  • The following is a photo display of OTC wire feeder CM-8201:

    OTC wire feeder CM8201

    CM8201 wire feeder is mainly used on XD series welding machines, such as XD350 and XD500. The difference between it and CM8202 wire feeder is that this wire feeder does not include a remote control box, while CM8202 integrates the remote control box into the wire feeder.

    CM8201 wire feeder can use wire feed rolls of various specifications. If you don’t know the type of wire feed roll, you can refer to the following information:

    Wire feed roll 0.8-0.8 model is K10007B01; 

    Wire feed roll 1.0-1.0 model is K10007B02; 

    Wire feed roll 1.2-1.2 model is K10007B03; 

    Wire feed roll 1.4-1.4 model is K10007B04; 

    Wire feed roll 1.6-1.6 model is K10007B05; 

    Wire feed roll 0.8-1.0 model is K10007B06; 

    Wire feed roll 0.9-1.0-1.2 model is K10007B07; 

    Wire feed roll 1.2-1.6 model is K10007B09; 

    Wire feed roll 1.4-1.6 model is K10007B10; 

    Wire feed roll 1.2-1.2 model is K970E24, made of ceramics; 

    Wire feed roll 1.4-1.4 model is K970E25, made of ceramics;

    OTC wire feeder CM8201

     The specifications of CM8201 wire feeder are as follows:



    Applicable wire diameter


    (0.8), 0.9, 1.0, 1.2, (1.4), (1.6)


    (0.9), (1.0), 1.2, 1.4, (1.6)

    Applicable wire

    solid cored wire, flux cored wire

    Wire speed


    Applicable wire reel support shaft

    Shaft diameter


    outer diameter

    Maximum φ300mm



    Applicable wire reel weight

    up to 25kg



    The above is the photo display of OTC wire feeder CM8201. If you need to buy, you can contact me. Our company sells all types of OTC equipment, original accessories and spare parts. Our company is the agent designated by OTC. All accessories are guaranteed to be original and authentic. Contact number: +86-180-9663-1656 (the same wechat and whatsapp number). At the same time, you are welcome to join me in wechat to exchange knowledge and information about OTC welding machine Experience.Welcome to 15305667776@163.com and ahojotc@gmail.com. Due to the network, if you want to send me an email, please send it to these two email addresses at the same time. Thank you very much.

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